Service Conditions of Employees

Study of existing service conditions.

Study and analyze the “Charter of Demands” from the union of employees.

Internal and external comparisons

Impact of parameters existing in Banking Industry in general, Co-operative banking in particular and peer banks in specific.

The structuring of pay scales with scientific approach on Stages in pay scale

Increment pattern

Inter scale comparisons with incentive for promotions

Limitations on Maximum and minimum pay

The gimmicks of Dearness Allowance linked with Consumer Price Index. The past trend, future projections and reasonability proposals.

Devising a recruitment and promotion policy

Study of leave rules, provident fund, PF related or independent Pension scheme, gratuity and other staff welfare schemes.

Designing a role and responsibility schedule for crystallizing the areas of responsibility attached to the posts or allowances.

Study of organization chart with futuristic needs for growth and also a career path for the employee.

Impact of other allowances such as HRA, CCA, Cash, Computer related and other job related allowances.

Impact of Income Tax and considering the tax free perks to employees resulting into win-win situation.

Impact of future merger and acquisition proposals and its possible impact on service conditions.

Inducting talent from the industry in some key areas such IT, Card product, Demat, Insurance, Mutual Fund and also various key areas in management.

Voluntary Separation Scheme.

Plans for reengineering of existing skills with required skills.

If required to participate in bilateral talks with employees as consultant to management.