Union Management Synergy Seminar

A need is felt to conduct such program in the changing banking scenario, to further fine-tune the synergy to sharpen the competitive edge of the Bank to meet the present day ever changing competitions and challenges. This could be achieved by a residential seminar of appropriate duration to be joined by the top representatives of both parties representing the Management and the employees. The intention of the Management for organizing such seminar should be to arrive at a broad outline of a path towards sustainable growth in changing banking scenario, by exploiting the potentials of manpower and infrastructure available with the bank. The Seminar should intend to bring the Management and Union on one platform to find out the right direction for achieving desired progress. It is always found that amicable solutions are arrived at only after knowing the other side of the coin. NIBER would act as catalyst for the thoughtfully conceived seminar. NIBER has the experience and expertise to conduct such types of seminars. In past, such seminars were conducted for four banks and the results are encouraging. Participants would be a composition with representation from all the layers. Such as 4/5 Directors including Chairperson, 4/5 Executives including Chief Executive Officer, 2/3 Branch Managers, 12/15 (equal to management team) Union representatives. Total participants should be between 25 and 30. All these participants constitute the policy and decision making in their respective domain and collectively play an active role for taking and implementing any decision. Each of these two parties has effect on each other but in totality they are the real driving forces of the Bank. On them depends the direction and pace of the Bank’s development, strength, stability and image. Mapping Exercise: NIBER would conduct one to one meetings with all participants plus some common employees. During these meetings mapping of ideas, comments and concerns about the Bank and the Employees’ Union will be done, listed and placed before the seminar for concurrence. The methodology of seminar is based on a more participative way. The participants would be the key personnel having much seniority, sense of responsibility, sense of belonging, and knowledge of all the issues relating to Bank. They also know the strengths and weaknesses of the Bank for a considerable period. They are all the experienced bankers. So, the seminar-input output is directly on the issues. For better interaction, groups will be formed for discussions as well as for coming out with some common consensus. The group formation will be such that there would be a mix of both the sides. In the seminars the Group Exercises would be devised in such a way that the participants’ awareness on priorities and profitability is enhanced. The Seminars will give an opportunity to the most important stakeholders of the bank for studying the position of the bank vis-à-vis other players in the market in the changing scenario. The sessions will be pre-planned with its sequence in such a way that the thought process initiated out of sessions gets focused on linkage and continuity. The main sessions were addressing to the needs of CHANGE IN MINDSET in present environment, Team Building and enhanced interpersonal skills.